Update of Sandshrew Collection!!

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sandshrew figure collection update figures- tomys, stampers, kids, and keychains!
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sandshrew whole collection update collection as whole!

It's been a while since I have visited the community. Thought I would update my collection and share it with you all! I am sandshrewgirl, and sandshrew is my favorite pokemon. I love to collect its merch. If anyone knows where I can find a sandshrew zukon, let me know! I should be getting more stuff sometime as well. Thanks! X)

in search of the reversible sandshrew poke ball plush by TOMY!!

Hello everyone! I am a huge pokemon fan and I collect pokemon. Sandshrew happens to be my favorite pokemon and I have a sandshrew collection. I am missing the reversible sandshrew to poke ball plush by TOMY. I was wondering if anyone had one for sale or if they know a good place I should look? I am also interested in joining the group pkmncollectors, so if anyone could help me out with that too that would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much!